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How can I get my first order(s)


I am now 3 days on Fiverr. My quistion is how can I get my first orders on Fiverr? Does somebody have tips or an other Topic for me? :slight_smile:


I am now reading this:

First, you are welcome to Fiverr.

  • You need patience
  • Try to be more online on Fiverr
  • Share your gig on social media
  • Optimize the gig properly.
  • It takes time for anything to proceed.
  • Don’t give up


Congratulations. I think you should create some new GIG and have to active maximum time on Fiverr to get order.

@webfixer93, I have been working on graphic design since 1998. But I’m new to fiverr I am also a new seller. I can’t find work. so I feel very helpless. But I do not want to give up.