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How can I get my first order to show my work?


Hello, I am Sameer Kharel and I am new to the fiverr.
I 've seen most of the people roaming here and earning money. I have also enough time to work as a freelancer. I create my gig yesterday but I am not getting any orders.
Please help me to get my first order. How can I get my first order so that I could show them my work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:




I understand that many new sellers find it very difficult to get their first order after creating their gigs.

As you can see HERE478, my account is also new but there is one method I have used to rake in a couple of orders already.

Here, am going to show you how you too can get your first order as fast as possible.

This is the secret…BUYER REQUEST

Yes, to get your first order as a new seller, you must make the buyer request section your best domain.

Everyday, you have 10 slots with which to apply for jobs, always make sure you exhaust all 10 every day.

Again, even when a job is not really related to what you offer, you should still go ahead and apply for it if you think it’s something you can try to do.

When applying for such jobs, write a very attractive and appealing description to convince the poster that you are the best candidate for the job.

Try as much as possible to be among the first 5 people to apply, if in case you miss out of the first 5, don’t worry still apply.

I can almost guarantee that if you stick to the buyer request section every day, you are certain to get that first order even sooner than you think.

To your success


Agree with @fivestardom


I spend 36 days but not getting any order from buyer. Relax take sometime and promote you gig.


Thanks you for posting information and helping out new freelancers on Fiverr.


Sure, I would take my time bro :slight_smile: