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how can i get my first order

how can i get my first order


read the fiverr academy
send 10 offers a day to people who post in buyers request
share on social media
have patience


i have upload my gigs 3 days ago but i don’t find any order. i am getting hopeless.

Listen to this Fiverr Podocast
hopefully, it will be helpful for you :wink:

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Hey there,
Your average response is 5 hours, try to manage response rate, I meant response as fast as you can.
Getting first sell isn’t easy for everyone, for some people it takes months to get their first sale.
sent offer regularly
response quickly
promote your gigs and
read “tips for seller” section from here

I hope you will get orders soon.
Don’t be hopeless! Freelancing is the place to "be patient and do business. :smiling_imp:"
Good luck


patience and hard work is the key word, i have been in fiverr for three months no sell, but i am still working on it

You can use buyer request for first order.

me same problems and i hope every thing will be all right

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Check this link for it -

tanks for your suggestion…

Thanks for your tip, will try to use it.

Hello dear
I’m a new freelance at Fiverr but I’m not getting any sales. Currently my profile’s response time is not being viewed.
please help me

Hello dear

I’m a new freelancer in here at Fiverr. But I’m not getting any sales. And my profile average response’s time show’s 1hour. How can i can increase my profile average response time?

Thanks for your nice suggestion.

me too looking for frist order