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How can i get my first order?

hi guys, i’m new on fiverr and i think it’s realy a very good web site if you need money for your studies, i’m a fourth year engineering student and i need money to study, first i heard about the web site and i was thinking it was only to buy services but a week before today i recognize that i can sell here so i created my gigs only 7 gigs and i try to make my first order but with no results,
i realy want to work and i would do my best for every order but no one gave me the opportunity to show my skills and to make some money.
i hope if can some one help me and i’m sorry for my english i’m sort off weak in english
thank’s hamza

Hi Hamza quick suggestions: Respond to Buyer’s Request section and promote your gigs on different social media websites and blogs, hope that will help. Thanks!!

thank you hadiwaqar i’m trying my best

Hello! I am new on fiverr and don’t exactly have orders rolling in. But from what I’ve read its best to copy the description (Not word for word) of top sellers of gigs similar to yours. Also copy their tags exactly! Hope any of this helped and good luck!

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Copy the description? Seriously, that never works. Even if it’s altered, I don’t know why you would give such advice. It shows lack of creativity and plagiarism. In the end, it’s only flattering for TOS’s. If you can’t deliver a good product, then means nothing. Sorry, but this is not good advice.

tenthtiermedia is Right if you will copy someone else’s description it is against fiverr TOS and this can get your account suspended as fiverr have even introduced the watermark for pictures due to the same reason as some new sellers were copying other’s gig pictures. This thing even shows lack of creativity if you copy someone else’s work.

best of luck :slight_smile:

I dont know exactly the name of it, but you can try writing your keywords on your gig desc. at the beggining, middle and the end of it.