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How can i get my first orders?

you have just ONE gig, hundreds of sellers offer that gig. what makes you special over them?

Did you promote your gig on Social Media, without spamming?

Are the samples of your gig yours or did you “borrow” them from the internet?


yes i have promote on social media

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they are mine i made them myself

how are you any different from other users offering the SAME gig as you? What makes you different and special?

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i can make different style of logo and work hard and assure that i worked as they want

with all due respect, that’s what others would say. how can you prove that you are different?

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give me a chance then i will prove that i’m different form others

i have only one gig because i want to put my all time on the one job so in this way i can do my best and give the batter result

my suggestion to you is that you add a gig video on your gig

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I believe the Captain America image does not belong to you.
Honesty is the first step to being successful here.

its belong to me dear

how can i make video can you tell me in details

have a look on this discussion it might be helpful for you :slight_smile:

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i read it and upload the gig as says

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Do you work at The Souled store?

Make the title and catchy and different. It is important to look different to get prominent in so many people. Analyze what others are offering related to your field and come back with some uniqueness + use your all ten order requests per day!

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no i didn’t work The Souled store

How strange.
“Your design” is being sold at that store. I’d gladly take a screen shot if you would like to see it.
You might want to contact this store and tell them to take down that design
if it indeed belongs to you.
If not, try being honest and provide your own work. You wanted to know how you can
get orders, being professional and original is the best way for sure.


What was the result? Any reply to this?

Keep praying :innocent: