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How can I get my first review on fiverr?

Hello guys.
So I’m currently trying to get my first review to start selling properly.
There are 2 problems:

  1. Nobody would buy a service without any review.
  2. I couldn’t ask my friends to buy it because i don’t have more friends that would buy my gigs. (even if they have quality)

What should I do? My gigs are very well optimized and I send 10 buyer requests per day.

Thanks in advance.

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All you can do is wait till you get your first order, If your customer is satisfied with your job, they will surely give you a review.

wait as soon you will get order and review

Aproximative, how much would it take? (assuming I have very good descriptions and thumbnails)

To get your first review, you need to deliver a very bad result delivered to a buyer. He/she will for sure write a review for your gig. Probably 1 star review.

Joking! Don’t do it. But your question was “how can I get my first review on fiverr?”

Lol, the problem is that I didn’t got orders at all.