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How can i get my first review?

Hi, i am new seller on fiverr. I am professional amazon product researcher and created my first GIG, i know that its difficult to get first review. So, how can i get my first review naturally from buyer?

Could you please share your first experience. Thanks to all.


Hey there, and welcome to Fiverr!

Regarding your post: considering that you don’t have any reviews on that gig, the pricing might put off buyers and make them run to someone cheaper or at least to someone who has more reviews - I think it would be a good idea to try starting lower on the pricing until you obtain some testimonials that prove your gig’s value and results, and then incrementally up the prices.

Getting reviews naturally can only be done if your gig gets purchased and you provide a great / memorable experience to your customers - great experiences & results are what drive buyers to leave reviews :slight_smile:

Also, if you get buyers to purchase your gig, don’t be alarmed if not all of them leave reviews: some don’t know, or don’t think it’s important, or maybe they think the gig is not matching their expectations.

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Try buyer request…

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Hi thank you, I’m professional Amazon product researcher with 10 years’ experience. New member on fiverr, i don’t know how to request buyer. Could you explain more details?

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I got my first review naturally:

Thanks a lot to fiverr!

BY sending more buyer request


Buyer is requesting for $50-$100 and my product research service is starting for $250 and ending $750. I am Professional guy and research is not fun, i take 150-300 hour to research right product manually. I am new on fiverr, let see what happens on fiverr!

If its not fun for You and You spend 40hrs on just one project why are You even doing this?

I Started social media marketing already. My GIG views 1k today and getting many request to product research, but budget is too low. I said them that i am sorry, please find other gig on fiverr who offer low cost than me. Getting order or not, i never mind and love to see million views. Thanks to all.

Hurray…Hurray…Hurray :sunglasses: ordered i just got today and all orders are going with “Standard” Package. Hurray…Hurray…Hurray…Fiverr: