How can I get my first sale? Any advice?


Greetings Fiverr community, I would like to receive your advice for getting my first sale. I published my gig last week and even though I’m receiving some clicks and views I haven’t received any order yet, do you have any suggestion for getting my first sale? What can I do about this?

I would appreciate any comment.



Hi Daniel,

Firstly, you’ve only been on here a week so give it time.

Specifically, this part of your gig description: “I have a degree in Engineering in Electronics so you can be sure that I’m a professional and I’m familiar with the vocabulary in this area” makes it sound like you want to translate in this area and so some possible buyers might be turned off by that.
Also, despite the fact your English is very good, it is not perfect, and English native speakers wanting a translation from Spanish probably want it to sound as if it’s been written by an English speaker.

If I were you, I’d look for gigs you can do that use your degree and are more technical. You may even want to set up a gig that says you’ll specifically translate technical articles in your technical area.


Hi capitalquality and thanks for your feedback. I’ve been tweaking the description of my gig a little bit so it sounds more natural, is it better now?

About your last point, I would like to do it in the future (that’s partially why I choose dcworks instead of just dctranslations for example) but for now I’m going to focus myself in translations while I develop a good technical gig.



I’m sorry I can only look at gigs and profiles once. However, irrespective of your profile and change, your English still isn’t good enough for a straight-forward translation gig, Spanish to English, however much you tweak your profile/gig description. You can probably do English to Spanish. Maybe stick to that if you’re committed to translation.


You want to heed capitalquality’s advice. Translation work is a crowded category on Fiverr, albeit one that sells a lot of gigs overall. It’s not an easy way to break in, as your own experience is confirming. Coming up with something original and technical could put you in a space by yourself, in which case you will always have orders and you can pick up some pricing power. Does the field of electrical engineering have some task which engineers consider grunt work?


I see, I guess I’ll have to stick to translations from English to Spanish for now, or a more specific kind of translation.

To selfors, it’s been indeed hard, maybe something more specialized like capitalquality said could do it. I do have some ideas about what I can do related to my career but I don’t have anything ready for publishing at this moment.