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How can I get my first sale on Fiverr?

Hello, I’ve read all the posts about advertising and promoting on social networks to boost sale. However, posting on my Facebook is really just asking for friends and family to purchase or promote my service, which they probably know about already.

Is there any other way to get my service out there? :slight_smile: Any tips? Much appreciated.

My advice — overdeliver.

It’s all about building buyer’s confidence. If you are starting you need good ratings in order to create enough confidence in the potential buyer. You should create a few gigs for a limited time that offer way more than the value. That way you will get your first positive ratings and that will atract more customers. Invest in that. Also, reload frequently the Buyers Request and make offers to those potential customers at a very low price.

Good luck.

Everything you need to know is on that comment above…
also, If you’re new here you should be patient for some time, it always goes slow at the beginning.

If you have any other social media accounts (that aren’t family/friends) you might want to consider making it available to them without of course spamming. Another suggestion is to find forums on your topic of sales where you can promote your services. Hope this helps. And yes I’m still a newbie seller on Fiverr too but having freelanced for a number of years I know all about going after and making the cold calls “so to speak”. Nothing comes easy at first. Don’t expect it here either. Cheers Irene

Patient is the key to online Success. As new I suggest you try to promote Social sites Again.