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How can I get my first sale?

I’ve got 2 gigs, one has been up for 3 days and the other has been up for 1-2 days.

I’ve got a few impressions and about 8 clicks on 1 but that is it.

I’ve posted Twitter (the only social media I have but still no sales)

Can you please check my gigs and see what is wrong with them and tell me what I should do?

My gig is

Thanks for your kindness


hello. i sow you gig. Don’t forget to upload 3 gig gallery images, its represent everything about you gig to the world. and also u need to use right Tags, you just used 2 tags but you missed other 2 tags in there.

good luck




Im new to fiverr just a week and have had 7 sales. I think the key is to making the customer want to buy through your choice of words and making it fun and engaging

Good Luck