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How can i get my first sell? Tips, anyone?

I’m from a non english speaking country so sharing on social media doesn’t work. How can I promote my tarot reading business so I have sells?


Try to reach your desired client & show them your offer. Also you have to understood them, “You can solve their problem”.

Buyer request is the only way to make your first sale. But if your gig is unique and eye catching you can also get direct order from buyers. Good luck!!


How can i do that? Sorry, i’m new to the selling department

Keep waiting and send buyer request

it’s not necessary to share gig in your country you can also share your gig in others country exapmle, usa

or if you have gig promotion you can use it it’s highly recommended

Do not contact others on the Fiverr site. Your message will be marked as spam, and you could lose your account.

Yes, using Buyer Requests is the best way to get your first sale.


You can find the buyer request option when you click on the “More” button

I can find it, it just doesn’t show anything

It will show when the buyer’s requests are available. Also, you need to post a gig on Fiverr to get the buyer’s request.

I wanna mean, try to reach your client via other social media site and after that show them your gig.

Hi, i am new seller would you please help me how can i send buyers request?