How can i get my gig fist page on fiver


I am new on fiver, so anyone tells me tips


I need to learn too.


How can i get my gig on the first page on fiverr ?

With a lot of hard work, perseverance, consistency and time, but obviously not by asking this type of question


I am not sure about getting your gig on first page as it depends on lots of things but you can use few methods:

  1. use good keywords on title gig
  2. use good keyword collection on description
  3. share your gigs on social medias like facebook, linkedin etc
  4. use video portfolio
  5. active in fiverr community


Create 7 gigs in different categories and share on social media use 10 offer.


very very thanks for reply


Creating 7 gigs may limited your focus in maintaining your gigs and get to front page I do advised my new sellers to start with 2 to 3 gigs in order to have focus on them. My point of view is that you can create the 7 gigs, watch the first three gigs that brings more orders, pause those gigs that are not working well and start working on those gigs that’s doing well by promoting them on social media also, deliver time is very important… deliver your order very fast and many tricks…


i got my first gig on fiverr after 2 weeks of starting it up, I think they key is keywords, tittle, good price and your description.


Helpful reply. Thank you #asi567