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How can I get my money back on here?

When I cancel an order, I don’t want credit. I’d like the actual money back.

Fiverr’s policy is to return any approved refunds to the buyer’s account. It would appear that Fiverr believes that if you get a refund from work you disliked, you can use that refund to hire another artist to complete the work to a higher degree. If you have concerns to the contrary, feel free to contact Fiverr Customer Support and discuss the issue with them.


And you can get it if you contact Customer Support and ask them to send your funds back to your payment provider.

They will only do it a limited number of times, though (they used to do it only once, when you decide to close your account and withdraw all of your funds; now you can do it more than once, but not every time you cancel an order).


How can I contact them?

You go to help page, choose that you are a buyer and scroll down. There will be a huge green button “contact us”