How can i get my money back?


Hello, i’m having problems with one seller in Fiverr, i posted a request on fiverr with 400$ budget. The seller told me that he would be able to do the request in about a month. He told me that we will need to make the payment in two times, 50% at the begining and 50% when the project is ended. He make the custom gig and i make the payment of 200$ (+10$ fee). One month later he did not deliver the gig and he told me that he would need about 1 month more so i made a modification request. He told me that i had to accept the request to continue with the project so i accepted and review it. Now 14 days after that gig he tells me that hes not able to end the gig.

I want my 210$ back to my PayPal account, what can i do? Thanks

PD: I have contacted the fiver support, they send me a link to view my ticket but i cant open it, this is what i see:

Sorry for my bad english, i comunicate better in spanish.


“14 days” is the key here. The seller might have deliberately made you wait for 14 days after delivery, during which you can normally reclaim your money via Fiverr support. I do not see even that user here anymore and get the message:

The user account you are looking for is no longer available.

Sorry to say this but it looks like you have been scammed by this seller.


Scammed on fiverr? The seller did not send me nothing,i have the conversation… can i start legal actions against him?


Sorry, I thought he delivered the first part and 14 days have passed since that delivery. Open a new support ticket and explain the situation to Fiverr support.


Look, this is his delivery:

Mod Note: Image removed. It’s against forum rules to call out sellers or buyers.

Is there a way to chat with fiverr support?

The ticket system is not working for me… I always got reply of a bot


Then what I said earlier holds good. Ticketing system is the only way to get hold of Fiverr support AFAIK. Please wait for the more experienced sellers to share their advice here.


Dear @badoompa,
Seems like you dealt with a bad seller.

The reason you can no longer contact him is because Fiverr has most probably suspended his account due to fraudulent activities.

Create a SINGLE ticket with Customer support and wait for there response. If you create more than one ticket about the same issue, there WILL be a delay.

Explain to them what you have told us here. And tell them he delivered nothing, and gave you a run around. Send them screenshots of all conversations.

They should take care of the situation and be able to offer you some solution.

Please be patient and Good Luck. :thumbsup:

To View your Support tickets:


Thanks @djgodknows, the problem is that i can´t go to the ticket page. It appears the error i posted before.


I added a screenshot above. Can you check?


In one of my email i can see the ticket is open, but i can’t see nothing on the support page :S


Click on your username in the upper right corner.
You can access your customer service messages by clicking on “my activities” in the drop down menu.

Edit: If that doesn’t work clear your browser history, cookies etc. Or try a different browser


Interesting, yes, you should have been able to see your OPEN ticket.

How long ago did you create the ticket?


I created it about 1 Day ago


Ok. I would recommend you wait another 24 hours.
Then do the following:

  1. Create Ticket Under "Order Support"
    This link take you to that category directly:

  2. Select Sub category “Order Cancellation”

  3. Enter All information again. But this time, in the beginning of the description, start by saying, you have already created a ticket regarding this issue but you cannot access it. Post the ticket link.
    Let them know you created this ticket since you could not see it under your activities. Again upload the screenshot that you showed us here on the ticket.

NOTE: You can also link them this thread on the forum for your backup support. :slight_smile:


It appears that both the buyer and seller in this situation no longer exist on Fiverr.
Sounds like a well executed scam by a seller, a buyer who did not read the terms of service (as is the case in 90% of these situations), a seller who emptied their account and probably closed it immediately, a buyer who has just gone and done a chargeback.


Umm. his account was JUST up? (account from 2013)

Well ok.


With help from YouTube I presume :slight_smile:


Can’t really blame the buyer though, considering that the seller did a runner and CS appears to be borked. Along with the messages, the attachments…


@eoinfinnegan I was with the mobile phone and as im not english my corrector wrote youtube :S

I did a chargeback because i didnt know what to do, i have already cancel it. I will try to contact the support again.


Do try to contact them but I suspect that they may not be able to help you as the order has been complete for 14 days meaning the seller has probably received the money already.
I suggest that you be clear in your communication with customer support, it will help a lot to take your time and explain it clearly.