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How can I get my money back


Be careful who you do business with I spent 68.25 on an ebook to be written…no response should have been delivered by Feb 13…then another 5.50 to try to get it back without results…very frustrated not sure who can help


I agree with Fonthaunt. I know it’s not always practical if you’re in a rush, but spending a little time to get to know a seller better is the wisest thing to do on here.

Myself, I don’t like taking orders for more than $15 from first-time customers for that same reason. I like to make sure me and a customer are on the same page before really getting stuck into a big project. :slight_smile:


This is a wide open marketplace so you really have to take care when making a first time purchase. Before you spend on a large order it’s smart to try a sample. Buy $5-15 for them to just start on your project. Make sure you like the work and that the seller can manage the job. If it goes well then you can pay for more.


What kind of ebook is it, and how many pages?

If the order is still live, you can cancel it now and get an instant refund.


Reply to @sara1984: That’s what I try to do with 1st timers as well, learned from experience when I’ve bought work from others. I know how many words I can write, how much time it takes and which topics I can write with little research. What I can never bet on is buyer taste. I do get buyers who say they will take the risk because of a deadline. Maybe they have the budget to chance it.


Long story short,back in December 2014, I was looking for someone to do a business plan for me and they posted it would cost $5. After I purchased it, they said it would cost me more $ so I paid them $25 more. Then they said it would cost more around in the hundreds and they would give me a good deal. I told them that I wasn’t really ready to spend hundreds of dollars right now since it was in December and I was still in the process of putting up my website and with the holidays I just could’t do it. They said they would hold the good deal for me until after the holidays, so instead of arguing, I agreed I said that I will wait to get back with them and let them know what I was going to do. I started writing back to them this past January and told them that my business was going to change and I just wanted a refund. Reminded him that I would be getting back with him after the holidays when I was able to think more clearly. When I contacted him he said he was not going to refund my money. He is not returning my $25 and on top of that he says he has nothing to say to me. I have a disability called Tourette Syndrome and I am constantly having daily seizers as many as in the thousands a day, and it is hard enough for me to start my business let along have someone like him making it worse. I have contacted him several times and it is not getting resolved. Please tell me what I can do? His name on Fiverr is business plans


Reply to @candymay: I would contact Customer Service and send them screenshots of your messages. They might be able to set this right if your seller never delivered anything to you.


Reply to @candymay: I agree with maddisont on this one. The big problem with this sort of thing is that if the story happened as described, the seller was in the wrong from early on. Customer Support could have cancelled it then and returned the money. Of course, I don’t know what really did happen on the upsell so I’m guessing.

The bottom line for all sellers and buyers if that is something isn’t working or seems fishy in the early stages, don’t agree to more work or more money. Just cancel the order while you can or get Customer Support involved if you can’t resolve it. When you wait a long time CS is less likely to help you. If you do wait too long, contact them anyway and let them review it, just understand that they are less inclined to do anything if a lot of time has passed.


Always be careful when purchasing…