How Can I get My Order Money, acording to fault of buyer side


I have a order with Buyer. its order value is 5 +20 $. in buyers mistake he told me to he put other 20$ x 3 orders. but my side, its not showing he placed 85$ value order. in my side its show only 25$ value order. i told my buyer to contact fiverr support. then he contact fiverr support and he told me to additional 60$ will withdraw to him account some 2 days. there for i complete my 25$ value order and send his order. but within 2 days i saw my interface fiverr withdraw 85$ from to that buyers. include my order value. now i can’t contact that buyer also. its show

"The user account you are looking for is no longer available."

i told this to fiverr. in fiverr side, they can’t do anything to this problem and wait some days, then you will can contact to that buyer.

any one faced like this situation, what can i do for now and how can i charge my order value.