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How can I get my video approved?

I submitted a video and Fiverr said Under review by our Trust & Safety team, can take up to 24H. After 48H, no response and video was still under review. I read I should delete it and add it again. I’ve done that. It’s still under review. It’s in a black hole I fear and no one is looking at it. I’ve seen lots of people have the same issue but Fiverr doesn’t seem to have fixed this issue. I’m really getting vexed by this. Is there a mod who can look into this for me please?


Mods are not staff - we’re volunteers.

CS and Trust and Safety are totally overwhelmed at the moment. 'Fraid you’ll just have to be patient …

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Thanks for your response. In that case the message when the user uploads a video “this review can take up to 24 hours” is utterly misleading. Still I don’t suppose anyone cares about that, except the people waiting. Fiverr provides a service, and takes its’ cut, but only offers Support in the shape of people who can’t actually investigate an issue or fix a problem.

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I think it’s more of a hope that things will calm down soon.

Fiverr experienced a tsunami of new users from March onwards and hasn’t really recovered yet. There’s a lot of damage limitation going on behind the scenes.

But, yes, I think we’re all agreed that Fiverr should hire some more support agents …


Once when a video was taking too long I messaged Fiverr and found out that they had disproven it and just not bothered to tell me. There was an issue with the video that I needed to change.

That was a rare thing. Otherwise they’re pretty good about communicating status of your video upload.

But my guess is that there may be an issue with your video and they just haven’t told you. It could also be just slow because they’re so busy.

In any case, no moderator for the forum can access the backend of Fiverr to help you and Fiverr CS don’t look at the forum to help people with queries.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to offer your advice. I’m not going to do it yet but I wondered how you messaged Fiverr?

I just opened a ticket.

In addition to what has been advised:

Check this out: in case you may have missed something.

Edit: I see you have an active gig with a video so maybe the above link is not relevant. (It may be helpful to someone else).


Thanks for your reply. That’s not a video as such it’s a gallery of 3 photos you can cycle through, with a voice sample on each. It looks like a video but it’s not my “video” called Fiverr profile video v2.mp4 posted in my Gallery. My Gallery says “Under review by our Trust & Safety team * Video under review. Please note, this may take up to 24 hours.” I checked the page you linked to and believe my video fulfils all of those requirements.