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How can I get new orders as a new seller?

Let Me Introduce You About Myself. My Name Is Tanzimul From Bangladesh.

Hello Everyone here. I am a newbie here on the Fiverr platform. How can I get the first fast order??

Much Appreciated.

Thanks and Advance.

God Bless us all and stay safe as well


That same question i have

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The answer is simple: Determine who your target customers are, understand their needs, develop your services to that they appeal to those needs, and then encourage those target customers to hire you. This is how business works all over the world. The same applies here on Fiverr.


thanks for your reply

use the right keywords for your gigs and then take advantage of your Social Media accounts share your gigs.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I think sharing our Gig on Social Media will help…
Does any one agree???

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