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How can I get order as a new seller?

I am a new seller. I have create 4 gigs on Photo background removal. But I am still waiting for getting first order. What can I do? Please someone help.


Your niche is perhaps the most saturated on Fiverr. I see more gigs for photo background removal than any other on My Fiverr Gigs. You need to do a lot of promotion for your gig and if you get lucky, you will get your first order within a few weeks. Good Luck!

that’s very true. Share your gig link that should help

Thanks for your tips.
Is there any best way to promote my gigs without sharing facebook or etc.

Create your own blog.

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tell me more. I am interested in this.

Search the forum regarding the same and you will find several threads.

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Thanks, I will do that.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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