How can I get order at fiverr


I’m new at Fiverr.I created my account about 3 months ago and make 5 gigs.My gigs are about WordPress and Landing page.I’m doing marketing on twitter also LinkedIn but didn’t get any order.How To I get my first order?
Please give me suggestion.


getting order depend on gig promotion and sending buyer request


I mentioned that.I’m doing marketing for gig promotion.Also sending buyer request but no response from the buyer.How can I Improve my marketing? any tips?


keep going with your current strategy it will bring success


The key is to market to the right people. You said you’re posting your gig on Twitter, but to whom? Are they actually looking for your service? Are your customers even using Twitter?

You also mentioned that you’re sending offers to buyer requests. I’m also a buyer here so I can say from my own experience that easily 95% of offers I receive are useless templates. If you’re not getting replies back then there’s a good chance that you’re not writing engaging offers.

If you want our help then copy the last offer and request here and let’s have a look. Without seeing what you’re sending out I can’t help you.


As a newbie, I think my marketing strategy is wrong.Well This was the last offer that I offered to the buyer

I will customize your WP theme as per your requirements with unlimited revision without any extra charge.I will do wp SEO for your website free of cost.
Finally, I will provide a video that will help you to edit your content in the future.

I have proper experience in WordPress customization.I’m highly interested to do this job.please try me once!


And the offer From Buyer:

I want a WordPress website for my hotel on which people can book their room I need it urgently I have domain and my own hosting I just need a experience designer who work for my website Thanks


Your offer is not good enough here :frowning:

I’ve highlighted the keywords you should pay attention to in the buyer’s request

They haven’t really described their requirements in detail. Instead giving promises you should ask more details about the requirements.

Do you want to work for free? :slight_smile:
The buyer is in a hurry, do you think they have time to request 100 revisions? I think a professional developer should offer only 2-3 revisions. If you can’t get it right with a few revisions then maybe you’re not as good as you think you are or the buyer is abusing your generosity.

Why free? Add it to your service. What if they have 50 pages? You’re willing to spend hours doing on-page SEO?

It’s a nice touch to address this, but if you’re using a proper theme you don’t need to make a custom video. For example, Divi & Elementor have hundreds of videos with a complete documentation. Simply say that you will use a premium theme that is properly documented.

You can’t really measure “proper experience”. If you have done projects you’re proud of then name them.

That’s obvious :slight_smile:

This sounds a bit desperate.

The main problems with your offer are

  • you didn’t explain what exactly you can do for the customer and what value it will bring
  • you didn’t explain how you will address the booking feature (custom solution, plugin - what will you use and why?)
  • you didn’t really mention delivery time and if there’s an extra charge for a quick delivery (there should be)
  • you didn’t mention if you have done similar sites before (if you have then which ones?)
  • you didn’t ask any questions yet you agreed to do this job. Try to engage them in a conversation.


Wow.I’m doing the totally wrong process.It should be helpful to me.

Thanks agian for your great suggestion.


How can I find the right people on social media? Who actually looking for my service?
Can I get a suggestion?


You should first figure out who is your ideal customer?
Mine are local business owners offering some type of offline service (mom and pop shops). They don’t hang out in social media so I don’t even have a Twitter account :slight_smile:

I get about 70% of my new clients through recommendations because I’ve done enough websites over the years and my old clients promote my service for me.
Around 20% come through cold calling, but fortunately, I don’t have to do this so much anymore.
Maybe 10% comes through platforms such as Fiverr. This is decreasing as well because my prices have increased and I’m really picky about my clients.