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How can I get order easily?

I work different market place…but I want to work in fiverr,I also make 6 gig…now how can I get first order?

Welcome to the fiverr community.
To get your first order, you need to promote your gig outside fiverr on forums and social media.
Check the buying request regularly and demonstrate why you are the best person to handle buyers request.
Hope this helps?

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As newbie, I think best option is to send buyer request regularly. hope this helps.

Promote your gigs on social media and send buyer request regularly.

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How to send buyer request?

go to dashboard other and then go to buyer request.

Please tell me step by step.

ok i will.
first of all you have seen menu of dashboard mrssages etc in the last option is other click on it.In sub options you will find out the buyer request option click on it.

check your buyer request on daily basis.

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Thank You for help and advice

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Welcome @saurabhsharma75

Share your gigs on different social media and send buyer request regularly and try to keep online at least 18 hours.