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How Can I get order? I'm a Graphic Designer & new in fiverr

We all know that Buyer request option is only one and best option for new sellers on Fiverr.

So I do that regularly but don’t get any orders. I am very upset about that. Can anyone give me more suggestions for generating an order?

I am Graphic designer. I have proper experience with Logo Design.
if anyone interested to see my profile then clicks here


There are 18,000 people offering flyers and 200,000 people offering logos. You are going to have to figure out a way to stand out in the crowd. Are you providing graphics for local people that you know? It is hard for people to order from you when you haven’t had an order. But everone on Fiverr had to start there.

When I started, I had to entice people to give me a chance.

Always look at this like you would a real business. It is no different than renting at cart in a shopping mall. You have to provide something that someone needs, do it really well, communicate well and hope they choose you. Fiverr is better because if you don’t sell anything, you don’t have to pay for the exposure. The mall wants their rent even if you didn’t do well. And if you don’t do well, you can’t blame the mall.


First of all make 7 gig properly. Make gig with proper seo,description and very good image. Most important things is success is not easy for Newbie Brother. Keep active and keep patience. You will get order.