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How can i get order in my new gig?

I almost make 4 gig in my profile. I joined fiverr almost 4 months.But I can’tget any order, Is there any tips and trick for me. So that,I can get some order :slight_smile:. Thanks in advance

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Creating a gig doesn’t mean that you should get orders just because you created 4 f them.

There is no “tips and tricks”. It’s a “trick the system” platform. Here you earn your place with a hard work.
I see you have ONLY 7 min of read time on this forum so my tips and tricks for you would be to start at least reading this forum and you’ll find hundreds of amazing advises that’s already been discussed so many times.

YOUR business is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and YOU need to invest your time in educating yourself and learning how things work especially when there is soooooo much free info already out there.


Thanks for your advice