How Can I get Order of My Gigs Without Applying Buyer Request


I have create some gigs in April 2017. But there have no order. I have complete one order to apply buyer request. But i want to get order without applying buyer request. Is it possible? If so, Please give me some effective tips to get more order of my gigs.


Market your gig to some real audience who will see and buy your gigs,
In that way, you do not have to rely on buyer request.Without promotion, how can people see your profile and buy your stuff when millions of profile are out there! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your response. Please let me know that how can i find out real audience to represent my gigs?


Well, it’s up to you and what you offer. Suppose, I’m a reseller of Microsoft products, now my real audience will be the people who uses Microsoft products but can’t purchase on their own. :slight_smile: