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How can i get order with good review


Hi, i need one order for active my account,
how can i get one order??? please help me… please,
But i learn that power of Bad review…


You asked before - not sure if you missed the replies? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for replay, but i need a good review, Now at this time i need a order with Good review… can you help me to get a order ?


All I can do is to suggest you look around the forum for positive ideas - search for UPYOUR.



Ouch! :small_red_triangle:

OP, you’re coming across as desperate. Next time just deliver on-time and you wouldn’t be in this :cucumber: pickle.


Thank you… i is really good…


mam, actually i was hospital…


Well, I’m sorry to hear that. All you can do is complete more orders and keep your fingers crossed that your Buyers leave a positive review to bury the neg.


See you always find a way to say it nicely. My initial response was. “Just do whatever you did to get that first order, but don’t screw this one up and get a 1 star review.” Too soon?

But I have never been a hospital, so who’s to say.


Call me Miss Poetic! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: My words are like honey, they roll off my tongue so easily. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure the OP would appreciate words of wisdom from a dignified TRS. :sunglasses:


It may help you to say in your response to the bad review that you were in the hospital and could not complete the order. Then new buyers would underestand.


If it’s a “Cancelled order! Seller failed to deliver on time” review, it’s not possible to respond to it (unless the rules have changed).


I forgot about that. :confused:


Don’t worry, it looks like he got 2 5 star reviews after that… Both recently, by brand new buyers, possibly his friends.


Both reviews were from Bangladesh, Both Buyers had the same name “paul” in the username and both buyers happened to have just registered for Fiverr in the last week. Looks safe to me! LOL


you should make clear and complete GIG
and avoid pasting others GIG materials and give more and more time to your account.
and also share your account links on google+ and other social network.
best of lock




thank you, mam, Have a nice day


Hope new one can understand