How can i get order!


i am a level 2 seller, it’s now 11 days, i never got a order. i don’t know whats wrong. everyday i am sending a Bayer request, but no one even reply. maybe something wrong on my profile. Please someone help me…


Are you doing any marketing or promoting of your gigs? Maybe that would help. :wink:


Bayer request is a very good section and you should still use it but there is so many seller that only gets order just because there gig is so unique.
If your gig is not unique like there is so many people offer the same thing then only Bayer request won’t work. Promote your gig on all social media and edit your gig to make it more professional.


Put your right hand in… put your right hand out… put your right hand in… and shake it all about! Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about…that’s what it’s all about.




You mean, “Buyer Requests”. Bayer is a pharmaceutical brand.


Totally depending on BUYER REQUEST to get order isn’t a good idea. May be it will help you get 2,3 orders a week even if you submit 10 proposals everyday.


True, but if you can get a good rating from your first one, then it helps you from there.


Be patience! Try to be online for maximum hours. You may take the opportunity to have “Available Now” feature if available on your profile.


Send LinkedIn invites to related market and continusly send buyer request but wisely…