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How can I get order?

Hello Dears, I am newcomer. I opened an account two weeks ago. But i have not get any order yet. Suggest me someone how can i get order?

just wait and patient, i’d got first order 1 month after i created account
so many post on this forum who can help you :slight_smile:

Please be patient. Try to be on online. I hope you will get order soon.

I cannot add much other than to say, reread your profile and see if you can add or change anything to make it more appealing. Also, do the same to your gigs. perhaps, you can widen the spectrum that can use them or make it sound more cost worthy. Just check and be patient.

Go to the Fiverr Academy and don’t clutter the forum with this question that is already asked thousands of times.

I made my account 1 week ago and Today I got my first order, Buyer requests helped me get my first order.

First make sure that your Gig Title, Description and Images are good enough, then make a Proper use of Buyer Requests, You will get the order soon. :slight_smile: Good Luck

i am new in but i have not get any oder yet me to get a oder?

Just make your selling profile good enough. Try to keep online more then you do now.

Same question same answer…

The best way to get your first order is to offer quantity and quality…and finally work on quality after you made few sales…

Hi just gone through your profile, first of all have some patience work on your gig, send buyer request. The main problem I saw in your gig is grammar, it’s terrible. See when buyer look’s out for a gig. if he or she read your gig, it won’t give good impression. make it better and more appealing.