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How can I get Orders? Any Tip for me?

Without hard work no one can gain. You must be need hard work for sell, I think social Media marketing Like twitter, Linkedin, Instagram is best place for this.

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yes rumanaebl. you are right

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Thanks everyone! I got it.

The key is more and more effective social media marketing.

Thanks to everyone :slight_smile:

What’s your first step now?
I saw people recommending that you should share your gig in social media, but do you know how to do it?

Share your gig and send buyer request daily it may help

I can give you some tips if you apply these tips, i hope that you will get success.

  1. Create a unique and professional gig title with profitable keywords
  2. Set a gig picture which can impress the buyers and the image has to be neat and clean, high resolution
  3. Share your gig social media like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, pinterest etc
  4. To get more buyer request set your skills properly and nice overview to your profile.
  5. Finally wait and do work hard and try to be active online 24 hours.



That’s cool, Good ideas vai, It’s really helpful

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you are absolutely right!


Use Social Media Share
Always delivers More Than What Your Gig says
Client Satisfaction is Most important thing
Always add a Video to your Gig , As It Increase Your Sales by 220%

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Is this really works? I have found my last order about 2months ago… :frowning:

I would like to see some evidence behind this claim.

It is unwise to make definite claims like this — and present them as fact, especially since not all gigs need videos in order to be successful, and you cannot guarantee that absolutely every gig with a video will suddenly be 220% more successful.

Please do not give advice just for the sake of having something random to say.


It’s not the only reason to increase sales, but it’s the effective reason to increase sales (From my point of view)

You can check this link, Here video add is the second position to increase or promotion gig

Nowhere in that link does it say that adding a video will guarantee 220% more sales. Fiverr makes no guarantees, and every seller’s success and abilities are different. Yes, you might end up with a more attractive gig with a good, well-done video, but that does NOT guarantee more success, sales, or visibility. It’s just one way to improve the presentation of your gig.

You can promote your gigs , and change your gigs and always online to response the people with time.

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I got it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am sharing my gigs on social media platforms. Yep I am familiar with social media and know how to do it. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Your 5 steps sounds great. I am going to apply all the steps and will wait for the results.

Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Great! Then you should have no trouble getting orders :wink:

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Yeah these 5 tips actually works well. :smiley:

How to you know that? Did you get any order by sharing Your GIG?