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How can I get orders Everyday & sales more?

I am not a new Seller. More than 7 months I joined & working on Fiverr in Graphics Design Categories under Photoshop Editing. Having a 207 reviews with best wishes from my client getting order regularly. But recent some days I can’t getting order like before:thinking:. I requested my senior all sellers to share their experience & let me know how to get everyday orders? How to take positive impression on my Gig from Buyers. I want to share what i can do for the world & Fiverr giving me this great opportunity to serve my clients as they expect from me. I am currently performing well on CROP, RESIZE, PHOTOSHOP REMOVE BACKGROUNDsearch categories & want to perform more well with my techniques & 5 years working Experience.:sunglasses:
I am doing work hard to get more sales my Gig & sharing my Gig links also but still I am quite upset not getting order like before. As i am quite professional with my working areas & very reliable & time sensible towards my Buyers & giving my best to them. But still I thinking some lacking on my sharing ways to sales my Gigs. I want that everyone help me sharing their experience to get more sales like before.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


First of all, it’s impossible to get guaranteed or permanent daily orders - even the best sellers have their slow periods when they have no more sales.

Also, I myself would prefer getting a few orders a week that are priced very high and thus earn more time to do other things as well, than getting swamped in little orders everyday, every hour, every minute :slight_smile:

Nowadays everyone possesses these skills :wink: I don’t think they’re a skill anymore; you’re offering something that everyone can do with any free software, and there are even free online sites offering that for free.

Why limit yourself to these basic skills that so many already have, when you could be offering something that not everyone can do? :wink:


You spent 5 years to master CROP, RESIZING and BACKGROUND REMOVAL?


Actually I am professional with Product Editing with including many services & I am quite Experienced with Photoshop Editing categories not only crop,resize & Background removing but also having a lot more editing Experience.:wink:

Thank you so much to give me ideas to offering something new to my client.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol all your gigs are about cropping, resizing and background removal.

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