How Can I get Orders Everyday


In the last 7 days, I’ve find it very difficult to get orders to my gig. Though, i knew I’m short of idea to getting places to promote my gigs which i believed has been major reasons why I’ve not be patronized. please I’m seeking advice from this wonderful forum to please suggest and tell recommendable places where i can promote my gigs to get steady orders.


Getting steady orders definitely takes time… What helped me a lot was getting customers return to me (by being polite, overdelivering a little etc.) :slight_smile:


@ynneblack, my first month of starting fiverr was good, i made level 1 with easy, but after selling like 20 more. everything just stop and I’ve not been seeing orders. it can be frustrating you know…


yeseterday got a order and today i delievered. I’m also new here and not getting more customers. These days i’m promoting my gigs on forums and my facebook page


Just promote your gig in forums share the link with your friends be polite and ;kld nasklfnsdf nothing is working… I don’t have an orders too now and what? just take a job from other places let your mind work there is a dozen of other sites like fiverr just place you gig anywhere you can just keep going just fight with that I know it’s hard but you need to take actions


I looked at your gigs and it looks like most of them are “one time” gigs. Like for example, if I was a buyer, I’d only need to order your gig one time. So you probably aren’t going to get a lot of return buyers. I’m not sure about how to get people to order the gigs you have already, except like everyone said, promoting.

But if I were you, I’d come up with gigs that I can expand (create new extras on) and get return buyers. Like my gigs are writing and editing, when I do a good job with one, they come back and use me as their primary writer or editor.

Also, if you did a good job, it doesn’t hurt to ask the buyer to give you a thumbs up so you can increase rating. More ratings= more buyers.


@rowbee, thanks for that good advice and 'll see to that.


Reply to @rowbee: That was good advice…