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How can I get orders from clients?

Hi. I am a new seller. Please give me some advise.


Spend the next week reading all the tips on the forum, then implement them.


Hi. Welcome to Fiverr. Firstly u need to promote your GIGs on social media. And you also need to send buyer requests everyday.


Thanks for your advise.

Hi. Rubaet. Thanks for your advise and keep me in your prayer.

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You are most welcome Amjad :slightly_smiling_face:

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No you don’t. It’s not even possible to sell via social media unless you are very skilled in organic marketing. It’s not something that just anyone can do. This belief is why social media is full of spam from Fiverr sellers clogging platforms with their gig links.

Posting your gig repeatedly is not marketing and it doesn’t work.

Please refrain from saying things in the forum that you can’t corroborate. Please don’t advise on things you don’t understand. Parroting bad advice you’ve read is not helpful.


I think you are absolutely right.

welcome to fiverr community.

Thanks for your suggestion. I got your point. You are right.