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How can i get orders?help me

help me i m not getting orders


There is no other way to help you
Promote your gig regularly on social media

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Yes promote your Gigs and improve its content regularly.


make your gig attractive and share your gig in social media ,

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I think that the problem is in the style itself.
No sense of imagery, or composition, or balance, or color, or typography.


The logo of the car is dreadful beyond any stretch of the imagination.

You are not ready to sell graphics. You could, at some point, but not this way.
Refine your technique, explore the field.
I don’t want to be rude or mean. I hope you understand me.
I’m just afraid that there is nothing else to do, for the moment.


Alle the questions you might have regarding getting orders are answered in the Fiverr Academy.

How to improve gig content ?? Plz explain

Sure, Your Gigs title should be unique, Its description should be simple with more explanation. Gigs gallery should be more attractive and unique. Then Promote your Gigs more and more and be attached with Fiverr don’t go such a long time with fiverr. Definitely you will get order.

What if someone does not have a strong social media presence, or worse—not at all?

New sellers should have social networking sites to find their buyers
Until their stand

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Potential buyers will not know who you are. I think you need to have friends, and just talk to people and help people, not just expect for “buyers” to just “buy”.

Social media is not a solution for everything. You need to do your research and figure out where your target audience is at. For example, I haven’t used social media to promote my gigs. Most of my clients who wish to revamp their outdated website don’t even have social media accounts. I started with cold calling, freelance platforms and now it’s mainly word of mouth.

That being said, here’s a great post that might help

Share your gig on social media to get more impression, and aslo your gig cover images to do as possible as attractive best wishes for you :+1::100::+1:

And also use your buyer request page. And apply for gig from buyers. It’s also works.