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How can i get orders more orders?


I want to know that how can i get orders on fiverr. Am i have to do any change in my gig? I don’t getting much orders. I regularly send buyer requests but no response. What i have to do can anyone suggest?
My Gig Link is


Your gig title and what you’re offering don’t match.

Your gig title: I Will Develop Amazing PHP Website For You

Your packages:
$5 Tell you about the bugs
$30 fix all the bugs in your website
$100 Develop amazing website for You

So I’ve got spend $100 to buy what your gig says I’ll get for $5?

Your description leaves me confused I’m afraid - lots of technical terms, but little to tell me what you’re going to do, or what I’ll get for my money. :slightly_smiling_face:


means i just have to make simple 1 offer of $ 100 according to my title? and description i will change according to your instruction.


It’d probably be best to create two separate gigs, one for website creation, the other for bug diagnostics.

This would allow you to sell both services properly. As it is, your gig doesn’t really sell either.


sure i also thinking about that thanks.



It’s also worth following the AIDA copywriting formula when writing your gig descriptions.

Get the customer’s attention. Make them interested in your product. Then make them desire it big time. Finish off with a call to action.

For example:

1 in 3 sites has a potentially devastating bug! (this gets customers’ attention)

Your site could be one of them. These bugs leave you vulnerable to web hackers who could steal your clients’ information, which would cost you your reputation. (this gets them interested)

For just $5, I’ll diagnose all of these bugs within 24 hours. This time tomorrow, your site will be safer than the Coca Cola recipe.

I’m XXX, a talented web designer with 5 years of experience. I’ve helped numerous people get their websites up to scratch and want to help you do the same. (now they desire what you’re offering and desire your experience)

Order today to give your site the care it deserves. (call to action to prevent them feeling inertia)

Of course, I don’t know anything about websites, so my quick scratch outline is probably way off the mark. But it’ll hopefully convince you the AIDA formula is really effective when you take the time to employ it properly.


Now please review is this ok now? i changed @offlinehelpers @sara19841


5 pages = $150?

You might need to explain a bit more about the customisation etc. so buyers know what they’re getting. Why would I want to knock?

Looks a lot better though! :slightly_smiling_face:


sure iwill change and get back to you Thanks for helping


Thanku dear will make new gig for bugsThen i write this stuff.


It does look a lot more focused now, which is good.

You may need to do what Offlinehelpers suggested and add in some persuasion. Your gig is pretty expensive, after all.

Try to think of the top 2-3 reasons why somebody wouldn’t buy from you. Then address these in your gig copy.

Price is probably one reason, so you could explain how your work is much more reliable than a cheap template. More aesthetic, too.

You’ll have to do a little market research to find out the other fears customers have when purchasing websites online. But when you find these fears and really address them in your copy, your conversion rate will increase.

Never give buyers a single reason to click away. :slight_smile:


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AM i add this is it fine?


Custom PHP Web Development from This Gig offers most impulsive and innovative PHP based solutions @ highly affordable rates. We have created milestones in Custom PHP Web Development and setting new standards in Custom PHP development with the help of our talented and extremely hard working team of PHP developers.
Is it fine>? which one i have to add? please suggest regards


That’s not your own text - you’ve copied it from elsewhere. :wink:

Just tell the buyer what you’ll do and what they’ll get - never mind the fluff!


yes i take help from google


Better to write it yourself.


If you’re stuck and the AIDA formula looks a little too complicated, try this:

  1. Write about what you’ll do.
  2. Write about what the buyer will get.
  3. Talk about why the buyer should buy from you.
  4. Add a guarantee.

A very basic example is:

  1. I will create an amazing PHP website for you.

  2. You’ll get a stunning website designed to your exact specification. You’ll be able to use it to advertise your business, take payments, and connect with customers…

  3. I’m a passionate developer with 5 years of experience and blah blah…

  4. To ensure your site continues to run smoothly, I’ll provide you with 24/7 technical support for the next six months…

You can tackle buyer objections in those four paragraphs, or could include answers to those fears in your FAQ if that’s easier.


dear @offlinehelpers @sara19841 please now review it. Is it much better now?


pretty much cleared. thanks alot
Now be careful for my next gigs
Learned alot


I can see you’ve put some of the tips into use. Already your gig looks better. :slight_smile:

I tidied up a little bit of the grammar for you.

Hello Buyer!


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