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How can I get orders more?

Hi Community members!
I hope you are all well and healthy. I have completed 7 Orders. But I have not received any order for some days. What should I do now? What can I do to get regular work?


I’m always puzzled on how to answer this type of questions.

It’s like asking how do I cook food? Seems simple but the answers can be so different depending on your situation.

there is no one formula where people can tell you “do this” and :100:% you will receive orders. It’s a whole journey of trying, changing, learning and adapting.
Even if a person who offers the same service will tell you how they did it that still might not work for you.

Jeff Besos told his story many times on how he did it. however we still don’t see second “Amazon” growing on the horizon.


There are a huge amount of posts here in the fiverr forum about the topic. Please search

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