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How can I get orders on Fiver?Can anybody help me?

I am working on fiver. I can send offers but I cannot get any orders. I am so worried about my career. Can anybody help me??I will very thankful If anybody help me.

It’s not like orders are just gonna come in…
“Hello , I am professional creative writer with Three year experience.”
“Don’t fell shy to contact me.”

You are not going to fool anyone with those lines. I’m not a professional writer but I can tell you are not one. Try to offer gigs that you are actually capable of doing and maybe you will get orders. A good idea that will help you is that you read the Tips for Sellers Section here in the forum.

Please stop sending me multiple spams, thank you.
edit: image was removed by me until I can blur out the sellers name.
You can post your gig in “Improve My Gig” to get help. This amount of spam sets a new

record. The best help I can give you, and this is not meant to be insulting, is that writing in English is not something you should be selling since your grammar is really bad. You wanted help from me and this is it: stop trying to sell a writing gig. It won’t work for you.

lol at “no” and not getting the hint.

And STILL it continues:

edit: image was removed by me until I can blur out the sellers name.

Ouch. People who do this should be banned from Fiverr. I hope she leaves you alone.

Does this happen to you often, since you’re a Top Level Seller?

and continues:

edit: image was removed by me until I can blur out the sellers name.

“Can I meet you?”?

This is becoming creepy.

15 spams in a row even after I said “no” and reported it.


Tamish I believe you did this because you are new and did not know it is against the rules. If you send spam you can get your account banned. Also you can get banned if you request to see someone. Just a head’s up.

Any messages to a seller that is not about buying a gig is not allowed.

Ah, if only you’d been on that post where I had a dispute with a longtime seller who spammed me with a question that could have easily been asked and answered on the forum! We went into quite the discussion of what spam is… if she does read this, there you go.

I think Tamish needs to start a “how not to make friends on Fivver and completely alienate yourself” gig. I mean seriously, what are some people thinking by doing this?

I think it would have continued on except he came back and saw this.

Poor old Tamish. Still, hopefully he learns from his mistakes and won’t do this again in future. @Tamish: don’t do this.

I don’t understand the “Can I meet you” last message. This was not going to stop. I posted this so he would see it and stop.

It’s most likely bad English directly translated from Urdu/Arabic/whatever.

Do you mean “meet” was the wrong word for what he was trying to ask?

Pretty much, yeah. In English we say a “meeting of minds”, and it’s a pretty normal idiomatic way to describe communication in a bunch of languages. The problem lies in the idiomatic nature: I can’t go to a Greek and say (in awful Greek) “ooh, it’s raining cats and dogs out there” without mass confusion or knowing looks (from the more fluent in English) breaking out. That’s a poor and exaggerated example, but you get the idea?

I’d have been more worried if he’d added the lexical fun of “meat” into the mix. I’d give him a pass on this one. But not for the spamghetti bolognese.

There’s a whole paper on it here. Non-native speakers of English (or any other language) do well to learn the idiomatic features of their target language as it not only creates the (sometimes) illusion of fluency, but

Look, don’t pop yer idioms into other peoples language soup. it’s confusing. That’s the point. In the course of making that extra effort, you also learn about the culture a bit more an ensure better communications. International English–particularly business language–has been rather Victorian and ripped out this soul of any language to the benefit that everything is clear.

To expect this from a desperate $5 seller who can’t or won’t operate outside of his own cultural and linguistic expectations is naive at best and ruinous at worst. Fortunately, there are plenty of idiots out there who just look at the price.

ALL non-native speakers of English would do well to remember this and try to learn this subsect of English as best as they can. It will make you rich if you get it right, believe me.

Whining on a forum about not getting orders and harassing someone won’t. This approach works in no society.

/lecture but the paper’s worth a read–“time flies” is simple enough right? But what about all the other little sayings that vaguely allude to it? While “time flies” is fair enough, remember that some other cultures might use different applications for this idiom. It’s not right or wrong, just different.

I’ll leave you with my fave German aphorism. Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach (er… “when flies fly after flies, other flies fly after them”…I think. lulz)