How Can I Get Orders on Fiverr?


I have made my account two months ago but still I have got just 2 orders. I want some tips that how can I increase the traffic to my gig and can get more orders. My gig impressions, clicks and views are decreasing day by day. I request you to check my gig. If there is any fault in it than tell me. And also give me some useful tips. Thanks a lot…


share on social media
use your 10 buyers request replies

give buyers confidence that you’re not scammy by having a picture of yourself and not a stock image:


oh and use photos of your own ACTUAL logos you made and not logos you got off the internet (which is easily found with a reverse image search)


Is this thing matters?


yes identity theft and copyright violations matter.


Anas Bin, there is something wrong :slight_smile:
Many buyers are from Arab countries.


Thanks for informing me. Any other tip?


Use 10 Buyer Request daily. do not use template requests. send authentic buyer requests. you will surely get orders.


I did not understand. What you want to tell me?


mostly seller just send “I am graphic designer from 7 years I am very hard working Blah blah” they copy and paste this template in all requests and they will not get orders because every buyer need an authentic reply. like if he says that I need a logo for my clothing company my company name is “Brand Clothing” I like blue color so write (Hi, I will design logo for your clothing company. I really like your company name “Brand Clothing” I will use blue color. they will surely give you order. if you just copy paste you will never get order


1: Use your real image. Don’t use Fake images.
2: Send offers in Buyer Request
3: Create stunning gig’s thumbnail.

And pray for your luck :smiley:


There is difference between Binnat and Bin.