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How Can I Get Orders On My Gig

I got lots of impressions on my gig but still i don’t have any order, so suggest me to do something


Hi there!

I’m afraid i have no idea what ‘Google entity stacking including web 2’ is, so i don’t know if I’d need it or not. What is it out of interest please?

Your gig image isn’t very helpful either, so I’m no clearer from that - not sure what ‘antity’ is?

Potential buyers might absolutely love your gig, but it’s not clear from the title or gig image what it is you’re offering. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for your reply, it’s found helpful to improve my gig images


i need orders too :blush:


If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


right, thanks for your valuable advice.

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Send all the buyer request everyday which will help you to get the orders and carry on gig marketing on various social platform…!


Right…thanks for your valuable advice.


I did what you saying but still not get any improvement, even the buyers requests are not showing to me.

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You’ve still got the spelling mistake in your image, and I’m afraid your gig description still makes little sense.

As a buyer, I might be interested in your gig, but if I can’t understand what it is you’re offering, I won’t buy it. You obviously understand what it is you’re offering to do, but you need to make it clear so your buyers know as well.

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so as you said, i need to improve my images which is easy to understand. I just try infographic and it’s hard to make as you want but i tried it…I did try again to make it better…

All you have to do is ;
“Improve your gig,your Communication Skills.”

You have to provide the complete description of your package.
You have to describe your Package in a way so that it can convince the Buyer to Buy your service,

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All what need for good start selling, you need be more creative in gig presentation… And don’t forget about keywords and tags in your title, description and in images! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the fiverr forum. Promote your gig to social media networks.

Read the forum’s tips

Send the buyer requests

Use the correct tags and topics

Stay online with your account

Last but not least here is an awesome topic on it. Hope it will help you. Best of luck.

if the buyer request are not show to you, then what to do…?
i did make my new gig but still survive…