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How can i get orders on my gigs?

hello everyone
i am new comer here. i created several gigs about SEO but unfortunately till now i didn’t get any order. how can i escape from this unexpected problem and made my gigs a money bank. can anyone help me please?

start from the buyer requast, the conversation rate there are much more higher, that will make your profile rank better on fiverr.
try couple of diffrent messeges and see what work best for you.

after 10-20 sales you will see boost on your sales.

good luck!



Share your gig on social media and other blogs you will soon get an orders.


Listen to the podcasts. You will be able to learn a lot.
It takes time to get started on Fiverr. Nothing is guaranteed.
You would have to stand out from the crowd. Try adding a video to your gigs. See if it would make a difference. Also, as others have suggested check buyer requests daily.
Best of luck!

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I will recommend you to make your gig perfect as your experience.
and send offer 10 per-day.
you will get order soon :slight_smile:

Do some SEO for your gig… and create a video about your gig and upload it to YouTube with your gig link…

Hi there. A quick look at your profile and I have a suggestion: Double check the wording of your description for grammatical errors. Your profile states that you’re fluent in English, so your gig description should reflect that. If you’re not sure, have someone proofread it for you. It would be good to correct your profile as well. Although the nuances of native English are occasionally strange and difficult to grasp for ESL speakers, they are obvious to those who are looking for perfection. I offer a letter-writing gig, and I find that I get quite a lot of business from international buyers who want a native English speakers for precisely that reason. Sharpen up your profile and descriptions and it may help.

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I’ve leboh of 7 years in seo and have a portfolio online in addition to the fiverr, I also have a small company.

You must be at a low price and good quality in the market.
Whatever your SEO performance.
Performances you have to discount the value of the benefit to others.

Understanding the customer’s wishes and do our best in the business.
You push traffic with fiverr, for beginners to bring traffic to the site was difficult.
We recommend that you optimize all traffic into conversions.
Please add.

Good luck

Iam a web developer and i have 4 years experience in this field and iam new seller on fiverr about 2 weeks ago but not a single order and my gig has mostly impression and 20+ click and 100+impression

If you ask for real advice, then start improving your English. SEO is primarily a job based on linguistic skills and your poor English language skills, as shown in this posting above, just don’t sell.

I’m glad to hear that you are an experienced web developer. What are you doing to promote your gig?

Steady sales do not appear by chance. You’re going to have to do more than just create a gig, and then sit back hoping for sales to flow in. Take responsibility for your own success. You’re the only person that can make it happen.

im also new same issue :frowning:

Just be patient, keep promoting everyday and orders will rush in later.

i will written a full topic about it please check it

Hi can you please tell me some of blog’s name where i can promote my gig. I promote only social.

I promote my gig in social media and also in blogs and the views and impressions of our gig is increased but the order are not recieved