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How can i get orders please guide me


hy every one , i am new on FIVERR , i can not get order from a week …
please guide me how to get orders…


Use the forum’s search feature and find one of the many, many helpful threads already discussing this. Good luck!


you make use of ur social networks like facebook and also join groups


A week is pretty short and wouldn’t even be enough time to read all the quality advice available, plus to apply the ideas to gigs and marketing. With effort and time, you’ll get there. Try some of this over your next few weeks:

Forum Tips for Sellers

Fiverr Academy


if you already have a blog with active traffic you could use it as your gig ads.


i also agree to that cahpringgoboyo


buyer requests, I’m new and its how I’ve gotten my orders


thanks every one for your kindhearted information…