How can I get positive rating to 100%


The last customer gave me a 1 star, how can I get an 100% again


You gained your 1-star because you failed to deliver your order. My advice… deliver your orders. That’s a good place to start.

In general, in order to raise your seller rating, you will have to deliver orders that result in positive reviews. You’re not going to have a high seller rating unless you prove that the work you deliver is of high quality and worthy of good reviews.


Sometimes we can not deliver gigs because of time constraints or technical glitches.


In addition to what @jonbaas said, be sure that you are patient and polite. Ask questions once and don’t spam your buyer. Be sure that you deliver on time and respond as quickly as possible. If your buyer has a question, try to answer it in the most descriptive and easy to understand way you can. Try not to be too confusing. I hoped this helped you and good luck!


There is no excuse for gaining a 1-star “did not deliver the order” review. None. You have the ability to plan wisely. Time constraints and technical glitches are not good excuses.


Thanks for that piece Jonbaas


Thanks Braden10collins for taking out time to share your mind; It is helpful.


If you can’t deliver the gig on time then add extra time in your current delivery time. If that doesn’t sound good to you then conversate with your buyer! Manage your time properly. Just make sure there will be no reason left to not deliver the order.


In addition, if you feel you need more time for your delivery, inform your buyer and simply extend the delivery time. Again, converse with your buyer. Communication is key when trying to extend a delivery time.