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How can I get referrals from Fiverr?

I have just created my first Gig on Fiverr, Is there any way within Fiverr policy that we can delegate work to each other
Kindly find the link to my Gig below and let me know if it requires any enhancements.

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No there isn’t. Does Amazon have a system for allowing people to exchange or share sales? Of course not. These are marketplaces.

When a buyer purchases from you, they want YOU to do the work. It would be unethical to pass a client’s work and information on to someone else.

Your gig is extremely cheap and so people won’t find it credible. You’re encouraging exploitation and will actually lose money doing this. You also have thousands of competitors selling this.

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Thanks for the feedback, so how much should I put as a price, Kindly note that I am new here and as you said there are many people doing this.

That’s why you need to your research your competition before you create your gig.

You need to figure out appropriate pricing. That’s your responsibility.

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Thanks again for the feedback, I hope you will be guiding me if I need more assistance

I have checked your gig after then nice gig

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I think your gig looks very good and I would recommend you raise the price to reflect the length of time it would take you to actually perform the work. People here are not always looking for tasks at $5 so do charge a real professional rate.

If you are very experienced at this work, you will get orders; it just takes a little patience.

If you can find a way to show samples of work–or maybe show a case study for a person or company you helped (and say how you achieved it)–then this will give buyers more faith to try you out.

If I were a buyer, I would also want to know your background and how you came to offer the gig (how you gained the expertise required). This info might be in your profile so I will take a look–I only viewed the gig so far!

I would definitely use a service that helps my website to be found on Google! It is something I need… I also see you have an order in the queue which is good news for you so soon after joining!


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PS, I just saw your Standard and Premium packages and they have a good price, (more likely to be bought than the $5 gig I think) so I think you should do fine here.

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