How can I get reviews ? 😟


Hi guys i need help in promoting my gigs and adding review what can i do any one there help me or give me reviews …


The only way to get a review is when a buyer buys from you and then they can leave a review if they wish.

Edit: Suggest you read the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page and you will find the answers to many of your questions.


No other way getting reviews


There are other ways to get reviews, but those ways are illegal and you might get your account banned. Follow the instruction from lloydoslutions, go ahead and read the terms of service.


See you have now got your first order and a great review. Congratulations. That’s how it works! :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe he had bought it, or he did a review exchange. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Make sure you provide nothing short of your best quality of work!
I got some reviews by sending kind reminders a day or two after the Gig has been marked as completed by the Buyer.


Thank you so much this all because of i hv nice guideline from u all of them


No @gig_freak i have done a task from a teacher and he is only a buyer i will show you my work …
Still Thanks even you criticise me :blush:


You are r8 @einstein


There is any way through which i can attach my screenshot here .


One more thing @lloydsolutions can i change my user name …


Cool! Then it is awesome. :))


Unfortunately you are not able to change your username.


Hi, this is very easy way to get reviews. You should deliver your order to your client on time and request him/her for reviews. I hope they will feedback you. I’m working here only 2 months. Yesterday I have been completed my Lever 1 Seller. And I’ve been finished all 11 order and get all 5-Star Reviews from all client. You also can do that. Thanks


:blush:. Thank you …


And what about to attach any pic or screen shot i think we can’t do this…


First congratulation @salma301188 :heart_eyes:
First level seller u are now
What u usually do to get order …
Buyer Request … ?


Yap, buyer request is important. And also you have to share your gig to Social media. Thanks


Welcome .
Your gig …is about what