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How Can I get RISING TALENT On my Gig?


Can Anyone please let know about the RISING TALENT?

How Can I get this?

Also Yesterday I search for a keyword but that showing some gigs but today is totally different, what happened with the searching?

How can I get Fiverr rising Talent on this Gig?


I wish i would know about raising talent


I also need to know about RISING TALENT. I have searched but no hope. I am thinking someone from Fiverr will
have the positive response to the question of @josewpdesigns. But that didn’t happen. Hope we all be able to know about this RISING TALENT Mystery.


It says “rising talent with a high potential, recommended by Fiverr’s editors”.

Maybe it has replaced “Featured”.


Good question, thanks for posting.


I would also like to know


I don’t about the RISING TALENT. But I got that on many gigs so ASked here if someone know about it.


Welcome and eagerly waiting to know about fiverr RISING TALENT.


I think, It is only for those sellers who have not got any order


Thank for sharing your opinion if they give this badge who did not get any order, every new seller you will get this badge and will show on the search on top.


I think who are new and don’t have any order, they get this badge. So that they get their gig up in the search . FIVERR is really thinking about new sellers. LOVE FIVERR !!! THANKS


I think that can be like that


fiverr gives priority to the new seller in search result for few days


If you used your keyword right way Fiverr get you a chance for ranking top position for some days if you show your skill then you can still Other wise after some days you impression going down and down.


I think you may be right


I don´t think so, I´ve seen this in Level Two sellers.


I´ve seen the “Rising Talent” on Level 2 sellers.


I am working on fiverr since last 7 months and didn’t get any order, still i am a new seller.
but i didn’t get the rising talent badge.
why ??

if anyone have answer


How can I get badge that will show my gig on the top page???


I think it depends on activity.