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How can i get sale on my gig... beginner

Hello Everybody!

I just started selling on Fiverr and wondering how can I get a sale from my gig.

I am kindly asking if you guys can give feedback to my gig? In this way, I will get some opinion to start selling is my gig!!!

Thanks … :slight_smile:


Focus on your gig’s description. It’s too short. Get Idea from other’s gigs (Don’t copy other’s gig just get idea) …

Best of Luck! :+1::sunglasses:

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Other than that, I’d say that you don’t have to mention your wpm in your profile. 70-80 wpm is considered good/decent; if you’re at 35, I’m not sure that you even need to bring it up.

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Thanks for your valuable opinion.I will work on this.

Thanks for precious opinion. I will remove that.

Hello… You are welcome to here… Please try to send daily custom offers for the buyers.

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