How can I get sales easilly?


I have created a gig yesterday ( ) ,But I don’t understand how can I get my sales easilly ? Is there anyone who can help me ? :sweat:


check many of the hundreds if not thousands of similar posts from newbie sellers.


Would you please tell me about gig ? Is it okay ?


Add some more sample with your gig. I got my first 3 order from Buyer Request section. You can try too :wink:
You can read this discussion.


Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions .:heart_eyes:


You are welcome :blush:. Good Luck :trophy:


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Yes, this Guide would surely help the newbie in getting the first few sales.

Thanks for Sharing my article :slight_smile: I’m happy that it helped and you can still remember it!
That’s an achievement for me, I suppose!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was just 18 days ago :smiley: not too old. A god writing to remember :bulb:
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Hehe! Yeah :slight_smile: Fairly new.

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Hello everybody, i’m new in Fiverr. I do’t sale any Gig, I’ve 6 Gigs so, i’m worried about my first sale,how can i get first order. Please help me


You can’t if you don’t get off of your bum and go to the Fiverr Academy rather than posting the same question as millions of others have before you.


Thank you for great tips


Thank You For Your Valuable Suggestion.Always Remember Your Idea


same’s here bro !! I also create my account but I don’t know!! what to do !!


I’m alam7614 from Bangladesh. I had started my account about 18 months ago but I feel that I didn’t have much attention on my gigs. Now I have 7(Seven) gigs as seller of fiverr. But didn’t get started any job.
Does anyone have tips to improve my profile and gigs?

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thanks for your help


Please use Unique Keywords