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How can I get sales on my Whiteboard video animation / Video Scribe gig?


I’ve recently made my Whiteboard animation gig go live but have failed to get even a single page view ( according to Fiverr Seller Dashboard Gig Statistics ).

The link to the same is here :

Please give tips as to how I can increase page views and convert them into orders.

Every suggestion/ tip is highly welcome.



Here are some tips:

  • Upload a video sample of your work
  • Your title is to long and confusing
  • Your category is bad, choose something from video/animation section
  • Your description is one title - format it with a few paragraphs, H2 and H3 titles

    3 days is not a long period, wait a bit more and you should start seeing some sales.

    Good luck

I would definitely recommend making a video. If you need some help, contact me and I might be able to help.

I would also recommend using spell check. Also, it’s apparent from the copy that it’s not written in clear U.S. English (no offense - just the biggest market). For example: “Just contact us and we will revert with awesomeness ( yeah, well, what we mean is portfolio )”.

For me, I’m not looking for cute copy, I’m looking for professionalism and experience. I would look past your Gig because how it’s written is how I assume you’re going to do my work. Since my work is with doctors, lawyer, plumbers, electricians, etc. I want maturity and professionalism, not glee and trying to be funny, although there is a place for that with some buyers and perhaps you might want multiple gigs targeting different customers.

I actually buy a lot of Fiverr gigs and have even been looking for a place to fit a whiteboard segment in my products. But if I were scanning for a new provider, yours would have not made it through my 10-second “is this a candidate provider or not” view before going on to the next one.

Again, not trying to be rough or insensitive. I’m sure you’re well-intentioned and are hoping for success like we all are. This is just one man’s honest and direct feedback.

There are gigs on Fiverr to help with Fiverr Gig Descriptions (although I haven’t found one that I could recommend just now) and you might want to consider that.

Your gig is missing key elements like: a video & how long the video will be for $5. 30 seconds? 60 seconds? You’ll lose customers if you don’t provide that information. If buyers have to contact you to ask and have to wait for a response, they’ll just find another seller and buy theirs right then and there.

Where are your demo videos? !

A few things…it doesn’t seem to talk about any experience. Your profile write up talks about a “team” and not “you” and it says “name and style of “Solutions UnLimited””…so is that your name or you doing things in the style of someone else? I think your English is not correct here.

ALso, to say “We are actively pursuing Whiteboard video …” that does not sound like you have experience, only that you are trying to go after and do those jobs.

I agree with others that you need to put clear details about length and what people get exactly. Be sure to also mention if they have to supply the script. Be sure to put a video on there as well, you can’t sell a video without showing people you can actually make one. Who is the voice going to be? how long is it? You can show people what they will get.