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How can I get sells

Hi, My name is Affis, am new (2weeks) but never had any sells, I need help and tips on how to get sells, Thanks.


I believe you will find this thread useful. Happy selling!

this is my question too how i get order i m new in fiverr

Yes, I am new seller @theratypist

Yes, welcome new sellers of Fiverr. You can click on the post I shared above and you will find a lot of helpful tips there. In fact, almost everything that you need to get started is in that post.

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Thanks, am grateful for the information, I hope it will help me in getting my first order

i am a new seller of web development and i am not getting any order till a month?Please someone help me

I am new seller Got only two orders, can anyone review my profile @rehan2001

Yes,i also need help to improve my sales.

@xbabar @rehan2001 @nancyprincess

If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.