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How can I get stolen content removed from people's sites?

Fiverr says get in touch with the customer and ask nicely.

Fiverr does not ban for stolen content as it is away from the Fiverr platform and there is no longer an order in place. Yet, I still get to keep the negative feedback. Baffling, I know. (they finally acknowledge that there was a problem with scammers, only took about 100 messages)

I am not allowed to get in touch with the web host of the site or I will get banned from Fiverr due to communication outside of the platform. This is the method I normally use and have had about 30 websites shut down after they charge back via PayPal but nope. Not a solution here)

I wanted to make a list of people who have scammed me out of content and put it online, but I was told I am not allowed to do that either.

Any suggestions?

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Can you file a take down notice with Google? I’m not sure if you can in this case but it’s worth looking into as long as you can prove the content is yours, however the TOS of fiverr might make it not yours any more, I’m not sure. It may be worth a try.

That is regarded as communication outside of Fiverr, sadly.

Fiverr have confirmed the content belongs to me but they seem very reluctant to do anything to buyers.

I can’t even sell the content on while it is on somebody’s website.

But you are not communicating with anyone who is someone who would buy your gigs, you are communicating with google, about stolen content, but I guess you have asked about that.


I’m just stating my understanding of the rules here, but, I think people take the “no communication outside of Fiverr” far beyond its intent. The rule is that you cannot communicate with a client off-site about their order, or the work they need you to do… I don’t think it prohibits you from seeking a legal content takedown request, or pursuing action against a thief after an order is delivered and completed.

Fiverr wants to keep all purchased work on-site. Anything else after delivery no longer applies to that rule, as work has been completed through Fiverr, and payments have been processed within the system.

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Customer support stated a while back that it does extend to that as it is still communicating outside of Fiverr about work that took place on Fiverr. I interpreted the rules the same way you did initially and I had about 3-4 websites taken down after they stole content (about a year ago). Some buyer mentioned that I had done this to them, and Fiverr gave me an account warning for it so I had to stop.

In the past, I have had a few sites taken down. One client who stole content got in touch with Fiverr and said I had done this and I was given an account warning for communication outside of Fiverr.

If I contacted Google to have the site removed from the search, which I am positive they would do as they have done this on work I do away from Fiverr, I am afraid the client would contact Fiverr and I get another account warning.

They may have stated this to you – based on your own experience with those individuals, but is it clarified as such in the Fiverr Terms of Service? If it’s not a rule in the TOS, then it’s not a rule on Fiverr. The TOS is where Fiverr clarifies the rules.

Fiverr states the following in their TOS:

“Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted… Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page… All information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively on Fiverr’s platform.”


“Fiverr does not provide protection for users who interact outside of the Fiverr platform.”

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Nope. It is not a rule on Fiverr. Neither is a right to take content and use it, though. Yet, buyers are allowed to get away with it.

I think they just make up rules based on how they are feeling at the time.

There is more than one way to get content taken down without any ToS violation. The first time I did it, I managed it with some pre-planning. I noticed some red flags right before I delivered 2 articles so I put them on one of my own sites (a blog) and hit the publish button to time/date stamp them. Then I put them back into draft state so that they weren’t publicly visible.

The client wanted to cancel after delivery and it was when Fiverr still allowed you to cancel in trade for no review. After the cancellation went through the buyer published the articles on their site. I then put mine back on live but because I had pre-published them, the original dates on mine preceded the buyer’s so it gave me a faster option to prove that the content was mine. I reported the stolen content to the buyer’s domain provider and their host because I wasn’t sure which one was best. The hosting provider (GoDaddy) removed the articles for me. I did run it past CS and they told me that as long as I was never in touch with the actual client it was fine to file takedown notices. You can file through Google too if the content is indexed by them.

The other way is not something I’ve done but I know someone else who does it anytime they have content stolen. They keep their Fiverr account completely out of it with their method. He keeps a copy of the work with his wife’s legal name on it as the author and on a good delivery, it’s just insurance that they never need. If a buyer does them wrong and steals content or tries to resell it without commercial license, the wife files the takedown notice in her name so that the Fiverr seller doesn’t have to be directly involved. That’s probably further than you have to go, but I thought it was a good idea. Any good friend or relative could file with that method if you are worried.

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Customer support have now confirmed I can file a takedown notice on any website which steals my content BUT the customer is under no obligation to take it down as there is little that can be done from Fiverr’s end (bear in mind all people stealing content are top rated buyers so they probably do not want to)

They have also confirmed I am 2 account warnings away from receiving an account ban (I asked at the same time) and that is still annoying to me.

You could ask another member of the community to reach out to the website owner on your behalf. As it wouldn’t be their (ex) client in this shouldn’t be against the rules. Otherwise it would be also against the Fiverr rules if you let a lawyer contact them and the lawyer had coincidentally a Fiverr account on the side line. Very unlikely for a lawyer, but it’s just an example.

And another account warning received!

This time?

I told somebody not to steal my content AND cancel at the same time as the negative is harsh. They reported me to customer support for making them feel guilty about cancelling.

I get a warning ANDDDDDDD now, apparently, the next warning I lose my account.

What. The. Hell.

“the warning you recently received was due to you making your buyer feel guilty about leaving a negative review which is not allowed.”

OK. From now on. Everybody can cancel and steal my content. I won’t message you afterward to make you feel guilty for stealing stuff! It is yours. Enjoy it! You earned it. If I do message you afterward, it will be to offer a hearty congratulations and possibly a high five. Because, y’know, telling people that the negative is harsh on stolen content is terrible. It is so much worse than actually stealing content.

TL;DR: I got an account warning for making somebody feel guilty about stealing my content.


It really is sad to know about your experience.

You are a worthy seller and I am sure you can have far better life when you raise your rate(Although I noticed once you get annoyed when somebody suggest you that), and of course the scammers won’t be able to risk their amount once your price gets higher.

I am very junior when compared to you , but when it comes to projects, I have been giving enough projects with decent offering since I joined fiverr even upto the extent that I have charged $120 for an artcle of around 3000 words.

Furthermore, can you please tell how one get to know about the warning thing so that we could remain careful in future.

Thank You

I have received a few warnings while on the site. This is the most interesting one:

I delivered a gig to a client. I promised them free content for the delay. I then missed the deadline for the free content (by a couple of minutes), so they reported me to customer service. I then received 2 account warnings:

  1. For making a promise to a customer and not delivering on it it.
  2. For giving away free content to make up for a delay.

Those warnings expired earlier this year.

A recent one was for giving away free content to make up for a delay (I know, I know but this was for a regular customer and the customer never actually reported me). The second was for complaining at somebody for stealing my content. Apparently, I made them feel guilty for stealing it?


  1. Never give away free content.
  2. Never message somebody after they cancel an order.

Then you should be good to go.

Fiverr has never helped me with takedowns either, but you don’t really need them for that part. It’s not really their issue after the Fiverr part of the transaction is over, anyway. I think it’s smart to self-publish all your work on a draft site that isn’t public facing. If they pay and all goes well, it gives you a nice record of what you’ve written over time and a cloud-based backup in case the buyer loses their copy and wants to buy another. If things don’t go well it, it serves as your proof. You can also keep a time/date stamped copy in Word or PDF which is usually enough alongside screenshots of canceled orders.

Content theft is not uncommon among bloggers so the various hosting providers are used to getting takedown requests and do a pretty good job of taking care of the issue.

There are so many solutions to things like this but you have to watch your own back.

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I would be surprised if they banned you. They treat you really well here.

He said:

“no exceptions. We treat our Top Rated Sellers and PRO sellers the same. 3 strikes and you lose your account”

Warnings also expire, but for various reasons they will not tell you how long it takes for them to expire.

Maybe your warnings expire after a couple of weeks. :slight_smile: