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How can I get the available now feature?

How are you guys?
Some minutes ago I’ve got a pop-up notification where showed "Why you are not using the available now feature ?"
But I’ve not got that feature.So how can I get that?

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I contacted Fiverr team requiring this query and they replied:

Unfortunately at this time the Available Now feature is only a Beta test and not all users have access to it at this time but we thank you for your excitement regarding this and hopefully we’ll have it available for all users soon!
Vanessa | Fiverr Customer Support


Thank you for you informative response.
But if everyone get the available now feature the will it be better for all of us ?

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If you got that message wait about an hour, the feature will be enabled on your profile.


Thank you :slight_smile:
If I get the feature then you will get a coffee treat from me :slight_smile:

Please don’t pose as Fiverr Customer Support - you signed yourself as “Vanessa” from CS.

This is not allowed, neither on the Forum, nor on Fiverr.


It happened the same to me. I did get that question an hour ago and now I have the feature available. Although is really funny, because if you have more than 5 inactive orders (buyers that didn’t put the requirements) you will not be able to use it unless you refund those, which will again, affect your cancellation rate.


Oh! Sorry, I have now edited the reply :sweat_smile:

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I got that pop-up 4 hours ago and still, I don’t get the feature :frowning:

I’m really excited for this feature!

I always have my phone (w/ fiverr app) on me and notifications extra loud. However, I notice that even if I keep the app open and lock my screen, I still go “offline”.

I hate having to go in every 5-10 minutes to refresh my screen in order to stay “online”.

I hope that this feature will improve the sales of everyone who is serious about Fiverr. (I think it will considering the fine print of response times and repercussions of not meeting them.) From the looks of it, if you miss the 5 minute response time three times, you lose the privilege for 30 days.

Lets watch this together…


@phantompower Thanks a lot for the video.
So as far as I can see, there is two part; If you are seller, then it is a great feature for you. But if you are a seller, need to be on the toes all the time, as it’s so easy to get penalized. I also got the pop up message but still not seeing the feature is activated for me.

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When you get the pop up it means that part of the system reads that you have the feature, but the other part of the system hasn’t yet updated the feature on your profile. So, once the systems update the feature will show up… This is just my thought.

@phantompower Thank you. Let’s see what it brings for me :slight_smile:

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