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How can I get the first buyer?

I’ve been on Fiverr for almsot 2 years, and I find it so hard to get the first buyer ! is there any ways so you can get buyers?

note : I don’t have a youtube channel or a fan base


Hi Mohamad, what is your gig about? Since it it’s a popular gig, for example logo designs, then I’d say it will be hard to get orders, unless you are ranked in the first page.


My gigs are about translation from English to Arabic and Video editing for youtube and etc . but it seems very hard to get first buyer ! is there any other way than promoting on insta page or youtube channel ?

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Let me tell you something, If you search “video editing”, you get over 25K+ services, and if you search “youtube video editing” there’s even more, over 33K+ services, it’s the same if you search “video editing for youtube”. I mean if there are that many services a potential buyer would purchase the one with alot of positive reviews and the one that comes up in the first to third pages. If you search “english to arabic”, over 12K+ services are shown. If you search " english to arabic translation" there are only 5k+ services.

For the promoting part, you said you don’t have a fanbase so it means you would not be able to reach any potential buyers through that, best thing you can do is put good tags in your gigs and put a good seo title :smiley:

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You don’t need a fanbase or a youtube channel to be a successful freelancer. You need to work hard and improve your gigs.

These topics will help you


are you waiting for getting the first order? I suggest sharing your gig link in your audience. :blush:

I suggest you to Do gig marketing .
Spend time on social media, tweet at least 5/10 times every day on Twitter using good quality hashtags with your work samples.
Create eye-catching gig images , use titles with good quality tags.
Sent 10 buyer requests daily.
Inshallah, success will come. There is a lot of patience in freelancing.
Some get success very quickly, some get late.
Thanks :two_hearts: